New Development at Cooley Law School Stadium to Bring Apartments, Restaurants

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How does having dinner at a new restaurant overlooking the ballgame sound?
Or living in a new apartment with centerfield as your backyard?
Those are just two of the features that are part of a 22-million dollar renovation project for the Lansing Lugnuts' Cooley Law School Stadium.
Along with the new sports restaurant and the 80-unit apartment complex,, a banquet center is also part of what's being called "The Outfield" which is being developed by the Gillespie Group.
It's a 22-million dollar project that moves the scoreboard to left field to make room for the apartments... and will also include renovations to the stadium for new seats... a new picnic area... and an upgrade to the locker rooms.
Of that 22-million dollars-- some it's public money from the city which owns Cooley Stadium.... and some of it is private.
More details after a midday news conference at the stadium.

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