MSU Student Died of Meningococcal Disease

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EAST LANSING - The health department reports Friday that an MSU student died last week of meningococcal disease. A written statement issued by the Ingham County Health Department says the "Ingham County Medical Examiner Dr. Joyce DeJong has determined that Carly Glynn died of meningococcal disease. The determination was made because a positive test result for neisseria meningitidis, the organism that causes meningococcal disease, was obtained."
19-year Old Carly Glynn of Wyoming, Michigan, was a sophomore student at MSU. She died suddenly on February 10th in the Sparrow Hospital emergency department after exhibiting severe flu-like symptoms.
The Health Department reports that there have been no new cases of meningococcal disease associated with the Glynn case. 15 people were identified who may have had close contact with Glynn, and all received preventative medications.
Glynn had received the meningitis vaccine, but the vaccine does not protect against the strain Glynn had, known as Type B.
Meningococcal disease is caused by the same bacteria which causes meningitis. Glynn's meningococcal disease affected her body's entire system, causing several organs to fail. The disease known as meningitis attacks the brain specifically.

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