MSU Welcomes Grandparents and Kids to Campus

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You might notice a bit of an older crowd at Michigan State University this week. Hundreds of grandparents and their grandkids are spending the next two-and-a-half days getting a taste of what the school has to offer. It's part of the annual "Grandparents University."

One grandparent told what he loves about the program. "It gives the kids a great experience on the ideas that are going out through the college. It has a lot of different things they can do, from archery to learning about diseases. It's nice to see them get advantages they can use in school or later in life and see what other occupations are out there," said Ron Balzer who's attending with his grandchildren. This is the 9th year for Grandparents University. Participants from around the country get to choose from more than 100 classes.

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