MSU Survey Puts Obama Ahead Of Romney In Michigan

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The results of a survey, released Friday by Michigan State University, show President Barack Obama with a nine percent lead over Gov. Mitt Romney in Michigan.

According to the survey, Michigan voters would choose Obama over Romney, 38.9 percent to 29.8 percent with 30 percent undecided.

A number that Charles Ballard, Director of the 'State of the State' survey, says could be difficult to overcome.

"I wouldn't say that Romney doesn't have a chance because something could happen," said Ballard, also an economics professor at MSU. "Clearly the debates will be very important, but right now, something has to change for Governor Romney to be in play in Michigan."

More than one thousand Michigan residents were called and interviewed from June to August of 2012.

Ballard says, even if all undecideds voted along party lines, the President would still be ahead 49 to 43 percent. According to the Romney campaign, that number is a lot closer than four years ago.

"President Obama has lost about half of his lead from 2008, where he won the state by over 16 points," said Tim Miller, spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. "We feel good about where we're at in Michigan and we're going to continue competing there."

With over a month to go in the election, they are not planning on throwing in the towel just yet.

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