MSU Students Pay Tribute to Lacey Holsworth

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A memorial for Lacey Holsworth is still drawing hundreds of MSU students to a special place on campus Thursday. The 8-year-old from St. Johns died early Wednesday after a long battle with neuroblastoma-- a rare form of cancer. We stopped by the rock Thursday afternoon and found an overwhelming number of people paying their respects.

"I was actually walking across the street and just saw everybody over here", said MSU freshman Emily Elconin of Bloomfield Hills. "I'm part of the MSU community and it's something that really impacted us as a whole."

Less than 24 hours after a nighttime vigil at The Rock on MSU's campus, students were taking a few minutes of their day to pay tribute to a girl who touched the lives of thousands.

"I thought Lacey was a huge inspiration for MSU", said sophomore Leticia Gittens of Detroit. "A lot of the things she was going through reminded students that the things we're going through weren't so major and we should just appreciate life."

"She was a fighter. That's one thing that everybody really admired her for and she stood by MSU through everything", said Elconin. "I think she gave everyone a little hope and inspiration."

Through tears and silence, students took pictures and left trinkets like tiaras, stuffed animals and flowers at The Rock. Their messages to Princess Lacey quickly filled up what little space was left.

"I wrote 'rest peacefully'", said Gittens. "I found out about this news while at work yesterday and it just kinda hit me, made me realize one moment you can be here and one moment you're not. It just really makes you think."

Lacey's message to live life to the fullest and love everything about it will live on through the ones who knew her best, and even the ones who didn't know her at all.

"I think people should take away that you should just love everyone", said sophomore Matt Kuczera of Macomb. "No matter what their situation is, everyone needs to be loved."

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