MSU Students Aid in Storm Clean-Up

Groups of Spartans banded together today to help clean up from the December ice storm, and this year's generally harsh winter.

The MSU Alumni Association and the Center for Service Learning and Engagement organized clean-up sites throughout Lansing and East Lansing. The organizations say they usually coordinate two or three trips a year in the Greater Lansing area. But Spartans' efforts travel much further than our own backyards.

"Globally, this is Spartans global day of service powered by Spartans, which is amazing," said Tina Houghton, from the Center for Service Learning and Engagement. "There are at least 80 other sites across the nation, and I think there might even be one internationally. It's a part of our history, our heritage of being a land grant college institution and we're here to serve."

Within the state, the organizations also travel to Detroit and Grand Rapids for various clean-up events.