MSU Sexual Assault Victims Face Accused Attacker

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EAST LANSING (WILX)-- Sexual assault victims came face to face with the man accused of attacking them last spring.

Oswald Scott Wilder was in an East Lansing court for his preliminary hearing Friday, where four women told a judge what happened to them.

The victims were clearly still shaken and scared, but their stories match Wilder's written confession to police; which also included an apology.

"What I did was not right. I live with it every day. It eats at me because I have a conscience. --I wish to apologize for what I did," wrote Wilder.

Detective Dan Brown with East Lansing P.D. read parts of Wilder's written confession to the courtroom Friday. In the confession Wilder went into detail of how he attacked and tried to sexually assault four MSU students earlier this year.

"He stated that later as he was following her he caught up to her grabbed her and pulled her into the woods. --He told her not to scream. " said Brown.

According to what Wilder wrote, before each assault he was sitting in his car smoking crack. When he would see a girl that he liked he would persue a fantasy.

"I get the urge for sex when I'm on crack more than normal. I've seen fantasy movies about abuse and things of that nature. But in the films the actors are both willing so it makes it right," wrote Wilder.

Wilder told police that he targeted girls in East Lansing because it was the 'city of sin'.

The four victims told their stories in court, almost identical to Wilder's written testimony.

All four are in their twenties, and were alone when they were attacked. They said that they were attacked from behind while walking in East Lansing, and dragged into a secluded spot.

One victim was hit by a blunt object, knocking her unconscious; while another victim had her head bashed against a dumpster several times.

The third victim said she was punched repeatedly in the face until she was about to pass out; all while a man tried to rape them.

None of them were able to identify their attacker, but DNA and surveillance video from two of the attacks point to Wilder as the man responsible.

"The surveillance in Mejier showed him stalking her. I showed him stills of the video and he confirmed that it was him," said Brown.

In addition to the six counts of sexual abuse, Wilder has also been charged with three counts of unlawful imprisonment for holding the girls against their will.

No trial date has been set yet. If convicted, Wilder faces up to life in prison.

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