MSU Family Reacts to Lacey Holsworth's Death

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It was a somber day on the campus of Michigan State University as the Spartan family mourned the death of Lacey Holsworth. Her family announced her passing with a post on Instagram that said, “She achieved the ultimate victory.”

People across the nation reacted on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media, sharing their grief. Dick Vitale, the NCAA, even the Michigan Wolverine Basketball program tweeted their sorrow about Lacey’s death.

Those who knew Lacey say she left a lasting legacy. Tom Izzo, MSU Basketball Coach said, “She's been a difference maker to so many more people than I could ever touch, and she's going to leave a footprint so much bigger than one I could ever leave that I've learned a life lesson is more important than a sports lesson."

MSU Volleyball Coach Cathy George says everyone should learn from Lacey’s life. “She had so much ahead of her. You really got to take hold of what you have in front of you. We get so sidetracked with all the things that can get you down. But live it, live it to the fullest and she surely did that."

Lacey’s love of life and love of Spartan basketball and Adreian Payne put her in the spotlight. Her spirit and enthusiasm rubbed off on other Spartan athletes. Kori Moster, MSU Volleyball player never met Lacey, but says she will forever be touched by the young girl. “She wanted to meet a Michigan State athlete because that's such an awesome thing to her. But what she doesn't realize is how much, how awesome that is for us too. That's a special opportunity that we're going to remember for the rest of our lives."

Lacey touched lives while silently suffering her battle with cancer. Always wearing a smile, and cheering loudly in the MSU stands. Students say she’s an inspiration. Darnell Cox said, “She taught me life is too short to like be sad. There's people going through way worst things than I am and she was strong through that. I know if she could be strong through that, I could be strong through anything."