MSU, East Lansing Police to Hold Couch-burning Party Goers Accountable

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With the financial support of Michigan State University and tips from the public, the East Lansing Police Department will aggressively go after Saturday's Big Ten championship win violent celebrators.

Already, four arrested suspects have been arraigned.

Captain Jeff Murphy of the East Lansing Police Department says, if the public will provide the necessary tips and photos, they will go after those who celebrated the Spartan Victory over Ohio State inappropriately.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Michigan State says the university will hold any students accountable, independent of any criminal investigations. Although thus far the university has not disciplined any students.

Coming up tonight on News Ten at 6 p.m. just how serious are police and MSU leaders about throwing the book at violent party goers, and can the city expect more fires come January 1?

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