MSU Cracks Down on Tailgate Alcohol

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The MSU Police Department saw dramatic decreases in alcohol citations this week after a spike for last week's football season opener.

"Munn Field is a family-friendly facility, alcohol free," said Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor of the MSU PD. "But what we found out the last game is we're having a lot of people who are parking in that location who are actually drinking alcohol."

The department issued 32 citations on Munn last week, she said, in a location where there should be zero. As of Saturday afternoon, there were only two citations issued at Munn, thanks in part to prevention efforts.

"It's non-alcoholic and it's been non-alcoholic for four years so it's nothing new," she said. "We just may have some people that may have forgot."

To jog their memories, the MSU PD had parking attendants hand out slips of paper to every car entering Munn Field, reminding them that possession or consumption of alcohol is a misdemeanor and that the police would be enforcing it.

"If they want to come out here and enjoy food, family and friends, they can do it without [alcohol]," said Shaye Raymont, who participated in the tailgate. "It's about more than the alcohol definitely. People can do that in other places if they want."

Munn Field is the only location on campus where tailgates are alcohol free. In fact the area across the street from Munn permits alcohol.

"There are so many other places on campus where people can park and they can tailgate and they can drink, provided they're of age," said McGlothian-Taylor. "So we want to provide that one particular area for those families at Munn."

"You have people that have little children out there," she said. "We don't want to expose the young kids to individuals who are drinking and maybe drinking a little too much."

Tailgaters say they appreciate the school keeping the area alcohol free, adding the tailgate is about more than what you're drinking anyway.

"Munn is a family atmosphere that we're really happy to be here to enjoy the atmosphere with everybody else that's tailgating and enjoying the atmosphere of MSU football," said Jim Britton, who brought his family to the field Saturday. "[It's nice] the fact that we're just able to have fun and enjoy each other without some of the incidents that have happened over the years."

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