MSU Bomb Threat Suspects out on Bond, GPS Tether

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EAST LANSING--Anthony Shearer appeared in court Friday in pretrial examinations after being charged with reporting a false bomb threat at MSU Spartan Stadium on July 2.

Shearer's lawyer says Shearer is pleading not guilty.

Three witnesses from the MSU Police Department appeared in the examination.

According to witnesses, Shearer told the officer he was not aware of what was going on at the time his girlfriend, Cynthia Spade, called in a false bomb threat. Later, the witness said, Shearer told the officer everything that happened at the time the false bomb threat was called in.

On the afternoon of July 2, officers were called to the MSU Spartan Stadium being alerted Spade and Shearer, who both had warrants out for their arrest, were panhandling on campus. The officers intended to arrest them.

Witnesses in court say sometime between the police being alerted of their presence on campus and when the police arrived, Cynthia Spade called in a false bomb threat.

Spade admitted to police she was trying to distract the officers from arresting them on other warrants by calling in a false bomb threat.

After the bomb threat was called in, a witness said, Spade texted someone saying "We both going to jail."

The pretrial examination was adjourned because the defense claims it was not given copies of the police car camera footage prior to the examination. Examination will continue on August 8 at 9 a.m.

Spade waived her right to a pretrial examination, and is due to be arraigned in Ingham County Circuit Court on July 30. She is out on a $10,000 bond and GPS tether with a no contact order against Shearer.

Shearer is also out on a bond of $15,000 with a GPS tether, and has a no contact order against Spade.

Shearer has an extensive criminal record with three felony charges, including two larceny charges and escape. He also has been convicted of three misdemeanors since 2007, according to the prosecutor.

Spade had a warrant for her arrest for failure to pay fines and costs on retail fraud in Eaton County.

Shearer and Spade are not married but have been together for 13 years, according to Shearer. They have children no longer in their custody.