MSU Becomes "Grandparents University" for the Week

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Hundreds of young students are getting a taste of the college life this week, while others are reliving theirs.

MSU's campus has been turned into "Grandparents University" for the next few days.

Alumni and their grandkids will do all the things the cool college kids do like take classes and sleep in the dorms, and spend some quality time together.

"This is probably the fifth time that my husband or myself have brought a grandkid to grandparents u and we have so much fun. The classes are great, fun living in the dorm and eating at the cafeteria. I really like the one-on-one time with the grandkids."

Registration for this event has been a one-day sellout for the past six years.

Besides giving kids a taste of the college life... The university says the program is also a great recruiting tool.

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