MSU Approves Tuition Hike in 2014-2015 Budget

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Michigan State Board of Trustees increased tuition by 2.8% per year Friday, making the new total for undergraduates in-state at $13,200.

Adding room and board makes the total cost approximately $22,000 per year.

Senior James Conwell is concerned for the future of education in Michigan.
"It's a huge concern that tuition is going up," Conwell said. "And it's an even larger concern that as a society and as a state of Michigan that education isn't being valued to the level that it should be."

Lou Anna K. Simon, President of Michigan State University, cited the need for academic competitiveness and financial aid as the main reasons for the increase. But Simon thinks even the struggling students will value the school over the cost.

"Students are coming here for value, and they'll appreciate the balance of the value of their degree against everything else," Simon said. "And we'll try to work with individual students who encounter difficulty."

And James Conwell says it's that value that wouldn't turn him away from the high prices.

"I would have come to MSU because I believe in the value of the program," he said. "And it's important to note that tuition is too high everywhere. It's not just too high at Michigan State, it's too high everywhere."

The board also approved the beginning construction stages for the F-RIB, Facility for Rare Isotope Beams, with concrete being laid on campus today.

Faculty and students approved the new changes, but not without some disappointment.

President Simon said they kept the increase in tuition as low as possible to remain competitive in the Big 10 universities nationwide.

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