MSP, Ingham Co. Sheriff Team Up for I-96 Patrols During MSU Football Game

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There was something noticeably different, Saturday, as football fans drove down I-96 on their way to East Lansing.

"There were probably six or seven police cars on the way here," said Keith Charron of Rochester.

Starting at about 9 a.m., Michigan State Police and Ingham County Sheriff's deputies put extra focus on I-96 to help drivers feel safe on their way to the Michigan State football game.
This comes after the 24 confirmed shootings that took place along the I-96 corridor over the past few weeks.

"There is some concern from the public and we want to reassure the public," said Lt. Kyle Bowman of Michigan State Police. "We have increased patrols on I-96 specifically particular to the MSU football game against Nebraska."

Lt. Bowman says while both departments have increased patrols since the shootings happened, the idea to work together came earlier in the week.

"Talking about the fact that we're going to have an influx of people coming into the game out of state as well as around the state," said Bowman. "We want people to come out and have fun and do what they would normally do on a Spartan game."

To cover the most ground, Ingham County deputies and state troopers split up into two different patrol groups.

"We're alternating in teams," said Bowman. "While one team is in a static position on the turnarounds, the other team is in roving positions on the highway."

After a determined amount of time, the two teams would switch positions, a process the departments planned to do all day. All to make sure they didn't miss any suspicious activity.

Both departments planned to be out with heavy patrolling until well after the end of the football game.

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