MI Legislature Takes Up Right to Work Bill

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It's about workplace fairness and equality and not about collective bargaining. That's the message from Gov. Snyder who took a clear stance toward a "Right to Work" bill.

"To be pro worker, to give freedom of choice to our workplace. I ask the legislators move promptly and efficiently in moving it through the legislature and when it arrives on my desk, I plan on signing it," Gov. Snyder said.

The governor and legislative leaders didn't reveal a specific timeline but says they want it done before the end of the year and likely will get it done before then.

"This is not about management versus labor, this does not change collective bargaining," said Rep. Jase Bolger, (R) Speaker of the House.

During a Thursday morning press conference, the governor and Republican leaders also brought in workers, union members who supported their view. However, outside the Romney building, protestors rallied behind Senate Minority Leader Gretchen Whitmer. Sen. Whitmer called the Republicans' move cowardly.

"This is a travesty. He had a couple of people up there saying this is a good thing. You know if it's such a good thing let's have the debate, let's have some open meetings, let's do what the constitution requires of us," Sen. Whitmer said.

According to Sen. Whitmer, Democrats will do all they can to fight the passage of the bill, while Republican leaders say now is the time to get it done.

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