MI Court of Appeals Denies Casino Ballot Proposal

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The Michigan Court of Appeals rejected a ballot proposal, Tuesday, that would build eight new casinos throughout the state, including DeWitt Township.

The Court ruled the proposal unconstitutional, saying it would revise parts of the Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act, taking it off the November ballot. Opponents of the proposal say, they are not surprised.

"They didn't identify what acts were being changed, therefore it's unconstitutional," said John Truscott, spokesperson for Protect MI Vote, who had been fighting against the proposal.

Supporters disagree with the decision, however, and say they have been transparent with everything.

"We have gone above and beyond what the law requires," said T.J. Bucholz of Citizens for More Michigan Jobs, the group supporting the proposal. "500,000 Michigan citizens have agreed with us and signed petitions that we have had certified by the Secretary of State's office."

The group also says they will appeal the decision to the Michigan Supreme Court. They also recognize that they must do it quickly because issues to go on the ballot must be settled 60 days before the November sixth elections.

"You're talking a very short timeframe," said Bucholz. "We recognize that and think the court will too.

Michigan Attorney General, Bill Schuette, also released a statement, Tuesday, agreeing with the Court's decision.

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