MERS Worries Widen

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Today health officials are warning the deadly virus, MERS, can be easier to transmit than previously thought.
The concern comes after a person in Illinois contracted MERS after limited contact.
This is the first time that the mysterious Middle East Virus has spread from one person to another in the United States.
More fears now of the MERS virus spreading - as many keep an eye out for symptoms.
The contact in this case came stateside during a business meeting.
Just 40 minutes and a brief handshake between an infected man from Indiana, who'd been working in Saudi Arabia, and an Illinois man who picked up the infection.
The Illinois man only showed symptoms through a mild cold,, he's no longer sick, and was asked to isolate himself.
But the man who had been in the Middle East spent several weeks in the hospital and is better.
The cases - raising new questions about how the virus is transmitted.
Warnings now in airports for those traveling overseas.
The virus is tricky, as symptoms range from none - to a severe cold and respiratory problems.
The virus started in Saudi Arabia back in 2012.. there is no vaccine or cure and only symptoms can be treated.
It's now spread to 15 countries, and while 572 people have been sickened,, 173 people have died.
The CDC recommends anyone with cold like symptoms that has had contact with someone traveling overseas - contact their doctor.
It can take 14 days for those symptoms to appear.

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