MDOT's 'Toward Zero Deaths' Campaign To Use Grim Reminder

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The Michigan Department of Transportation is kicking off a new statewide safety campaign that will focus on Michigan highways. It's part of their 'Toward Zero Deaths' campaign, and the pilot program will start tomorrow and will be seen along various Michigan roadways through the month of November.

MDOT will display the number of traffic fatalities on Michigan roadways year to date on selected electronic signs, also known as Dynamic Message Signs. The traffic fatality statistics will be provided and updated by the Michigan State Police, and the data will be taken directly from the Fatal Accident Reporting System

MDOT says that driver behavior is a factor in nearly 90 percent of all fatal crashes, and that one way to change driver behavior is by educating the public.

If a situation occurs where another message is deemed a higher priority than the safety message, the sign will be switched. Higher priority messages include incident messages, lane closures, shoulder closures and work zone messages.

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