US-127, I-94 Ramps East of Jackson Shutting Down Monday for Construction

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M-DOT plans to close the US-127 bridge over I-94 along with ramps from US-127 to I-94 east of Jackson on Monday, March 10 for extensive repairs.

Northbound US-127 ramp to westbound I-94 and the westbound I-94 ramp to southbound US-127 will be closed with detours posted along the route.

M-DOT says they plan to reopen the northbound US-127 ramp by June in time for the first Michigan International Speedway race of the season, and the southbound US-127 ramp by August.

"We focused on inconveniencing I-94 as little as possible," said Mark Grazioli, manager for the MDOT Jackson Transportation Service Center.

"We tried to schedule our project accordingly to minimize the impact on MIS traffic this summer."

Drivers traveling westbound on I-94 trying to get to southbound US-127 will be detoured to I-94 Business Loop (Ann Arbor Road) at the Sargent Road exit off I-94.

Suburban Lanes sits right along that stretch of road which has manager Mark Burgess looking forward to the potential uptick in traffic along the detour route.

"Everybody knows all the businesses to the west of the highway [US 127], but a lot of people don't even know the businesses exist on the east side of the highway," Burgess said.

"This is going to be huge for us, we get all time time asking where we're located, so this is going to put people past our business."

Other businesses along I-94 Business Loop, like the 145 Truck Stop, are also anticipating the increased traffic.

"It could mean extra business but it could mean a hassle getting in and out of our driveways, hopefully people will understand and wait to get in," said Debra Since, a waitress at the restaurant.

Drivers traveling northbound on US-127 heading toward westbound I-94 will be detoured to eastbound I-94, then directed toward Sargent Road to turn around to head back west on I-94.

"Everybody's talking about 'how do I get around it' it's just going to be one of those things," said Bruce Rendell, a semi-truck driver how drives the route daily.

"It's going to be hairy."

I-94 will also be closed with detours overnight for no more than 10 nights beginning Monday to allow crews time to replace beams under the US-127 bridge.

Courtesy MDOT

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