MDOT Working to Prevent Median Crossover Accidents

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These types of crossover accidents, one happening in DeWitt Tuesday, and another in Howell last month, are normally uncommon; especially happening on the flay, straight roads near Howell and DeWitt. But still, six lives are gone because nothing was in the middle of the medians to stop it.

MDOT just wrapped up a three month, $40 million project which added median cable guardrails to mostly, lower Michigan.

"We have put in now almost 300 miles of this cable barrier state wide," said MDOT Spokesperson Kari Arend, and she says they've already saved several lives.

Arend says this option is much cheaper than putting up more concrete and metal guardrails: "They have also been shown to stop anything, from a school bus to a semi, which as you can imagine if it crossed over, can create an even greater accident," adding they are particularly helpful during icy conditions.

As MDOT gets more money, they will be adding more, including in the Lansing area; their goal being to install these between as many Michigan freeways as possible.

MDOT also tells us the number of accidents in a certain area play a big role when it comes to deciding which highways get cable guardrails sooner than others.

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