MDOT To Overhaul Grand River Ave.

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Grand River Avenue is getting a facelift between Park Lake Road and Coolidge Road, a three mile stretch. Come next year MDOT plans to give the road a fresh pavement, better intersections and upgraded traffic signals, but it will take months of construction to get there. The exact date the construction will start has not been set.

Many people are excited for the street to get some improvements, they are not excited for the period of construction and high congestion that come with those improvements.

"During the construction I think it's going to be a little bit frustrating," said Kelly Young a MSU student from Holt. "It's already a busy campus, but I think the end result, it will end up looking pretty nice."

The road is six lanes in some places, MDOT says during construction it could drop down to just one lane in each direction. Add that to the nearly 26,000 cars that use the road every day and there is bound to be some added congestion.

"Get up early, suck-it-up. We've all got to do it," said Young.

"I don't think they have done roadwork on this in a long long time, so repaving the whole thing, making it look nice and smooth for all the cars will look good," said Jeff Lippert, an MSU student that is also from Holt.

In addition to the improvements along the Grand River Avenue, MDOT plans on adding an eight-foot pedestrian path to each side of the road. The walkway will start at Brookfield Drive and go all the way to Bogue Street.

MDOT says the construction is really three different projects that it is combining to minimize impact on commuters.

"Again, we kind of combined these three projects knowing we would have one year of impact out there. We would have one year of construction and complete all of the work in one construction season, so that was our goal with this project," said Kari Arend, an MDOT spokesperson.

The construction project is estimated to cost between $10 and $15 million.

MDOT will have a meeting next week to discuss the entire project with locals, and get some feedback. The meeting is Tuesday, September 25, from 4-7 p.m. at the Hannah Community Center, Room 235.

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