M-DOT Begins Campaign to Lower Number of Fatal Accidents

Accident on M43 near Grand Ledge.
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You'll soon start seeing new messages on electronic road signs in Michigan. The signs will display the number of road deaths in Michigan. It's part of a new statewide pilot program by M-DOT.
The goal of the campaign is to improve driver behavior and highten focus. Studies have shown that driver behavior is a major factor in 90% of all fatal crashes.
The messages will be displayed the second Wednesday of every month, through November. State police will get the numbers from the fatal accident reporting system.
The current number of traffic deaths in Michigan is 440, which the state transportation director says is a "startling statistic." M-DOT hopes the program will be a wake up call for safer driving. they say this is a simple, inexpensive way to hopefully reduce accidents. The message will be taken down if higher priority messages like lane closures and work zone infomation needs to be provided. Several other states have used this method to try to decrease the number of fatal accidents.