Lumen Christi Makes Final Preps For First Home Game

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JACKSON (WILX)-- After more than four decades of playing on another high school's field, final preparations for Lumen Christi's first home football game in the school's history are underway.

Lumen Christi has been playing their varsity home football games at Withington Stadium for 45 years. It's been a fine arrangement, but players of past and present want their own place.

"You don't always want to go across town and play a home game when it's really not your home," said senior Kalil Harris.

"That's never really felt like our stadium. That's where we played our games, but it hasn't been our stadium," said football alumni Chris Clark.

After some generous donations last year, getting a new field and bleachers became a reality,
It took months of hard work, but the new turf and stadium seating are ready.

"We're really proud of it. It's been great to practice on so far," said coach Herb Brogan.

Now it's all about preparing for the varsity game that will go down in history as the first home game.
Up to three thousand people are expected to attend.

"I got emails, messages from kids that played a long time ago saying they're coming," said Brogan.

In preperations extra bleachers have been brought in, and extra parking will be available.
The players say they're ready.

"We just got to go out and play like we do every week," said senior Coley Crowley

More than $600,000 was put into the turf and facility, but after Saturday's game the varsity team goes back to Withington Stadium.

"We want to maintain the relationship with Jackson High. So we're not going to end using Withington Stadium," said principal Christopher Smith.

Many people from the community want the new field to become the permenant home for the titans, but without new bathroom facilities and other upgrades the field will only be used for freshman and j-v games after Saturday.

Game time is set for two-o-clock tomorrow against Eaton Rapids.

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