Lugnuts Look Forward to Next Year

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The Lugnuts season came to an end today. It may not have been a successful one, but GM Nick Grueser said for the fans, it's not about if they win or lose.

"A lot about what we do is about entertainment. It's about family-friendly, affordable fun. So from that aspect it was a really good season," Grueser explained.

The Lugnuts had a series of promotions this season from fireworks shows to fifty cent hot dogs.

And, ahead of the team's 20th season, the Lugnuts' Stadium is getting a face lift, with the fans in mind.

"We wanted to stay in front of the ballpark. We didn't want the ballpark to deteriorate and then ten years from now try to fix the things that we should've done now. So, while the ballpark's still in great shape, this will ensure that it stays in great shape for another twenty years," Grueser said.

The project will take two years to complete.

Renovations include new seats, concession stands, video boards and bullpens.

And, two new apartment units in the outfield.

"I think it's just gonna be kind of a cool new addition to the stadium that we haven't found anywhere else in minor league or major league baseball for that matter. And, it's just gonna be, it's just gonna add, a lot more opportunities for our fans as far as things you can do in the park," Grueser explained.

Fans agree. They're looking forward to the difference it'll make for downtown.

"It kind of takes away some of the field, but it's going to be wonderful. It's good for the ballpark. It's good for the city and I think it's going to be great for the Lugnuts," Booster Club President, Calvin Hemlick, said.

GM Grueser is pleased to have the Lugnuts play a key part in the city's transformation.

When it comes to performance on the field, Grueser said they'll start evaluating the season in the next few weeks.