Lt. Noel Garcia Retires from LPD

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One of Lansing's finest is moving on to help more people.

Lt. Noel Garcia is retiring from the Lansing Police Dept. after nearly 25 years. He is taking a job with the Ingham Intermediate School District Career Academy, where he will work with students who have an interest in law enforcement.

"I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into when I was on my first day in uniform or my first day in a patrol car," Garcia said. "Although it worked out for me, it hasn't worked out for others. Education is so important, and for them to understand what the field or what law enforcement is like before actually seeking out a career in law enforcement is very important."

Lt. Garcia was involved in several things during his time with L.P.D., including community policing, investigation, the SWAT team, internal affairs, and public information.

In 2012, Garcia was given the Outstanding Hispanic Leadership award for what he's done to raise awareness of issues facing Latino families.

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