Low Turnout Could Help Millage Proposals

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Several cities and townships have millages or renewals up for a vote.

Eight millage proposals will show up on ballots in Ingham, Clinton and Eaton Counties.

Bill Ballenger of Inside Michigan Politics said eight might be too many.

"The tax payer is going to say wait a second, if all 8 of these pass, you know, I'm going to be paying a heck of a lot more money and maybe I'm not even getting much out of it, or at least some of them are immaterial to me," he explained.

The Capital Area District Libraries system is pushing for a renewal of their current millage. Director Maureen Hirten said she's confident the millage has support, but has a game plan if it doesn't.

"It's very important revenue source for us. If it doesn't pass, our board will have to meet, meet immediately and will make that decision - what to do next," she said.

Meridian Township is looking for an increase in funding for their parks. If it's millage proposal doesn't pass, it's financial struggle will continue.

"30,000 dollars doesn't go very far and it doesn't take much unforeseen costs for us to end up deficit. And, we've just been operating that way for a long time. We would have to continue operating that way," explained Todd Wilson, Chair of the township's park commission.

Wilson said he's also confident about the parks millage because they've typically been approved in the past.