Lots of Daisys Wagging their Tails in Eaton County

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If you whistle for Daisy in Eaton County, more than one dog might come running.

Daisy continues to be the number one pet name picked by Eaton County dog owners according to the Eaton County Treasurer.

The list is compiled by tabulating dog license applications.

After Daisy, the most popular names in order, are Sadie, Buddy, Max, Bailey, Zoey and Lilly.

However, County Treasurer Bob Robinson says there are other more creative names. "Some of the more unusual names we've seen this year include Hammer, Ketchup, Napoleon, Tinkerbell, Saving Hunter, Success, Whiskey and Goober," says Robinson.

The top breeds in 2013 continued to be Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Chihuahua and Beagle.

Robinson has some good news for dog owners. Beginning this summer, an online dog licensing system will be available.

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