Long Lines at Local Precincts on Election Day

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Two Hours.

That's how long the wait was for voters at Averill Elementary, but through clear frustration, there was even more determination.

"If you don't vote, how are you going to get things done?," said Star Gonzalez

"It just depends on where you vote whether or not you're going to encounter much of a wait," said Lansing City Clerk, Chris Swope.

Swope says, other than a few machine malfunctions, the day went pretty smoothly at the city's 31 polling stations. However, with more than 40,000 expected voters, a big problem can be people not knowing where to go.

"A big thing that happens in an election like this is we get the voters who only turnout every four years and aren't really sure where they're registered to vote, so people end up in the wrong location," said Swope.

At polling locations with multiple precincts like Averill Elementary, the main goal is getting everyone through the lines as quickly as possible. Some precincts even had parking issues when too many voters showed up at one time.

"We were busy this morning," said Paula Simon, an Election Inspector at the Washington Avenue location. "Outside the door and around the corner. It's been a great turnout."

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