Long Lines Predicted at Lansing Polls

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Thousands of absentee ballots were mailed to Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope; and indication to him that the total voter turnout, will be about the same as the election four years ago: "We expect a pretty high turnout; probably somewhere between 55-60%."

But just because there will probably be about the same amount of people as last time around, he warns to allow yourself more time, maybe even an hour if you do it before work: "There's a lot on the ballot."

It's one of the longest ballots in the country, and part of the reason Latrice Hills decided how to vote before coming in to fill out her absentee ballot Monday.

"I am the research queen," said Hills, but it still took more time than she thought (10-15 minutes), which would have been longer if she had to wait in line on election day. "The longest part is reading the proposals, and all the different things on the back."

Fred Woodhams of the Michigan Department of State is asking all voters to be like Hills: "Voters should make an effort to be knowledgeable about what's on their ballot tomorrow before they head to the polls. It will help speed up the process for everyone, get people in, and get people out in a timely way."

Particularly helpful around the busiest times, which Swope says will be before work, after work, and another little rush around lunch time: "So, if you're free all day and can avoid those three times, you're really gonna get in and out more quickly."

And don't forget! Bring a photo ID.

To look up your assigned voting location, and to read through the ballot before heading out, visit: www.michigan.gov/vote

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