Locally Made Vehicles Boost GM Sales

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LANSING (WILX)-- People love what Lansing makes. In May, GM had it's best sales since September of 2008.

Leading the way in GM's 3.1 percent increase in auto sales are the Lansing-made vehicles, especially cadillacs.

Cadillac sales went up 40 percent in May. The biggest increase the GM brand has had since 1973. Lansing Cadillac dealer Bob Pollock says it's because of the Lansing-made ATS and CTS that Cadillac is doing so well.

"The all new ATS is bringing a new customer to our store and to our brand with an entry level vehicle. It also helps that the ATS was named Car of the Year for 2013."

At Capitol Cadillac in Lansing sales are up 34 percent for the year. The ATS is one of the top sellers with an average of 15 ATS models being sold each month.

"I think we got a lot of great product. We have done a lot of improve our customer experience here and I think it is paying off."

Cadillac isn't the only brand of GM that is doing well. Chevrolet sales also edged up .09 percent nationally. In Lansing, Shaheen Chevrolet sales are up 8 percent for the year.

Chevrolet Dealer Jeff Cords says the fuel efficient Cruize and Equinox are their top sellers right now.

"When it comes to gas prices we feel the crunch right away. People start trading in and want to get something that is 30 miles to the gallon."

Cords predicts that with GM's 3.1 percent increase May auto sales, it won't be until July until Lansing dealers see the greatest affect.

"They're only up 3 percent and that means usually we will start to see that trend where ours go up 5-8 percent."

Shaheen Chevrolet expects another jump in sales when the re-designed trucks and Impalas come out later this year.

Ford's sales rose 14 percent last month, with the biggest demand for it's F-Series Pick-Ups in six years.

Chrysler sales were up 11 percent in May. It's best May sales since 2007. Their best seller was the Ram pick-up.

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