Local Reaction to Bin Laden's Death

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People all over the world are reacting to the death of Osama Bin Laden, including right here in Michigan.

"I was very excited us catching Osama, it made me proud of our country and proud of our President," Tim Pinckney said.

"I think it's a good thing it happened, we need to support our troops," Joanna Pacheco said.

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, officially released a statement saying they're happy Osama has been eliminated as a threat to this country. But MSU professor Salah Hassan said some Muslims might feel uncomfortable in rejoicing.

"It does put people in an awkward position because no one wants to cheer, no Muslim wants to cheer the death of another Muslim, on the other hand Muslims and others of course do not support Al Qaeda," Hassan said.

Hassan commends the President for clearly separating Bin Laden from Islam in his speech, because Hassan said, the two couldn't be farther apart.

"He handled that really well," he said.

Hassan said that goes a long way in American-Islamic relations, but what might take away from that sense of unity is some of the raucous celebrations filmed across the country.

"It does create an image of a vengeful nation that probably won't be received very well," Hassan said.

Pastor Kit Carlson would have to agree, that's why after the news broke Sunday, she invited everyone and anyone to come to All Saints Episcopal Church to pray in private.

"We all have different emotions about this and what our faith calls us to do is to go is take that to God in prayer," Carlson said.

And she said people are taking part, because we all went through 911 together, now we must all heal together as well.

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