Local Speed Skater 2018 Olympic Hopeful

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If the view from Lukas Anderson's helmet looks familiar, that's because it's a lot like the view out of your car window, when you're going about 35 miles an hour.

"If someone tries to pass you on the inside, you have to quickly be able to change your track to cut in on them," said Lukas Anderson, Speed Skater.

But Lukas isn't making those speedy, strategic moves on wheels. He's on skates.

"There's a lot of making sure you're going your top speed, but also keeping everyone else behind you," said Lukas.

And the 15 year old is keeping almost every young speed skater in the nation behind him. He's favored to be the national champion in both short and long track this year. And his dad Eric is cheering on his son in more ways than one.

"Not only am I his Dad, his coach... I'm also his math teacher at school, so we're never apart it feels like," said Eric Anderson.

That's at Waverly High, where Lukas is a straight a student trying to balance skating, school and a social life.

"It's definitely crazy. It's a lot of studying, doing work in car rides," said Lukas.

We first met Lukas back in 2012 at The Summit in Dimondale. In the time since, he went to the Olympic training center, placed in the top five in the National Championships for both short and long track for his age group. But now, he's back on his home ice, getting ready for more races this spring.

"Whether it's hitting a top speed or blocking a bunch of people, it's just really nice to feel like if you know there's something you want to hit, and you hit it, that's just amazing," said Lukas.

Lukas was too young to participate in the 2014 Olympic trials but says he'll be glued to the TV watching his mentors vie for gold, with his sights set on 2018 South Korea.

"My hope is, next Olympics, to be in that, qualifying, and maybe even be there," said Lukas.

"If he can just keep where he's at, he's on that goal. In Korea short-track speed skating is their national sport so it'd be crazy to be there at that time," said Eric.

Crazy, yes. but unrealistic, not at all. Lukas Anderson is one Olympic hopeful you'll want to keep your eyes on, because if you blink, you might miss him.

Lukas will be watching American speed skater Shani Davis vie for gold today in Sochi. He could become the first man to win gold in the same event at three consecutive Olympic games.