Local Schools Show Support for Sandy Hook

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With several young nieces and nephews, Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut hit particularly close to home for Ashlyn Trevarrow.

Inspired by a picture she saw over the weekend, Trevarrow decided to create her own drawing, in honor of the children whose lives were taken that day.

"I hope no one ever does this ever again," said Trevarrow.

Her drawing shows the words 'Sandy Hook' with angels' wings. The names of the victims outline the drawing. It is her way of showing support to a grieving community.

"I was hoping to post it [online] somehow so the parents of those kids could see it," said Trevarrow.

Bath High School Principal, Matt Dodson says Trevarrow is not the only student looking to show support.

"Students want to know how they can help, how they can reach out to the folks in Connecticut," said Dodson. "At least get some message to them that they are in our prayers."

Now, Dodson is looking at a school-wide effort.

"On Wednesday, our student government is getting together to formulate a plan," said Dodson. "We really want it to be student driven."

The Lansing School District is taking their support a step further. In her weekly memo, Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul said she wants students, entire classrooms and student groups to make cards and write small notes to the families of Sandy Hook victims. She wants to mail them out on Wednesday.

Before the student government meeting on Wednesday, Dodson says his students will continue to try and piece together what happened in Newtown.

"What I'm hearing is students talking about the incident in the hallways," said Dodson. "A lot of 'why's and 'What's going on, why did this happen'."

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