Local Schools Respond to Connecticut Mass Shooting

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After hearing about the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Friday morning, Superintendent of Lansing Public Schools Yvonne Caamal Canul says she was shocked.

"We're all sick about it," said Caamal Canul. "Nothing matters more to us than the safety of our children."

That's the message she wants to send to concerned parents.

"We all would say that our children in Lansing are safe in our schools," said Caamal Canul. "They are as safe as they would be at home."

That's because all the schools in the district have several drills every year. On top of that, all the schools are well connected with each other and Lansing police.

Still, Caamal Canul says her and her administration will be meeting to discuss any potential changes to district safety policies.

"This is a really unusual and tragic case," said Caamal Canul. "We all believe that elementary schools, all of our schools, are open places belonging to the community where people can gather. They are safe havens."

Horizon Elementary in Holt has already had a drill, this school year, with the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, practicing for such tragic events.

"We started here, we evacuated the building, took the kids over to Holt High School," said Horizon Principal, Dave Hornak. "We actually had parents come to pick up their children after showing I.D."

The goal for Hornak is to make sure his school is ready for anything.

"We prepare...and I'm sure [Sandy Hook] did too so we can only hope we're prepared for an event like this," said Hornak.

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