Local Runners Return Home From Boston Marathon

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Kim Aeschliman and her husband Zach returned from the site of a national tragedy encouraged by the kindness they saw.

"I had somebody ask me if I needed a blanket, just a stranger come and ask me if I needed a blanket. We had a gal that lived two doors down that invited us to stay at her house as long. It was just a neat act of humanity," said Aeschliman, a DeWitt resident.

Kim crossed the finish line about twenty minutes before the bombs went off. She was in the finisher's tent with her friends, about two blocks from the site of the explosions, when their celebration turned to panic.

"We were getting our clothes and just getting ready to meet our husbands. We wound up just hearing this explosion, and it was terrible. And smoke was billowing, and right away away we knew something just wasn't right. And it just took me back to 9-11," said Aeschliman.

After she heard the explosions, Kim rushed to meet her husband who was in the family meeting area.

"We prescheduled to meet at a certain letter, and we were standing there waiting, and all the sudden you hear this noise. And we're only a couple blocks away... didn't really know what it was. I thought something fell over. It just sounded like a big boom, but the last thing I thought was a bomb," said Kim's husband, Zach.

They connected within a few minutes and left the area. They return home to their children thankful that they and their friends are safe. And thankful for the compassion of the people of Boston.