Local Pharmacies See Dwindling Supply of Flu Vaccine

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Around this time every year, the Ingham County Immunization Clinic fills up with people looking to get flu shots.

As Kerry Frush's daughter prepared for the needle, Kerry was just thankful she could get her daughter the vaccine at all. Especially after her own experience earlier this week.

"I went to Walgreen's in Okemos and they barely had any left," said Frush. "There were a lot people there after me that weren't going to be able to get the shot."

In fact, several local pharmacies and urgent cares are reporting they have run out of their supply of the vaccine. According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, that doesn't mean there is a shortage of the vaccine itself.

"What it is, is the demand is so high right now, a lot of places just don't simply have what they need in stock," said Angela Minicuci, Public Information Officer for the department. "There's plenty of it available. It's just a matter of getting it ordered and going through that process."

At the Ingham County Health Department, they aren't running out of the vaccine, but they are seeing quite a bit more interest in it, this year, in terms of doses.

"We're up by 200," said Christine Hendrickson, Public Information Officer for the Ingham County Health Department. "They want to protect themselves, they want to protect their families and they're coming in and getting the vaccine, which is terrific."

There are still several places with the vaccine available, including county health departments and local hospitals. You can also go to flushot.healthmap.org to find locations that still have the shot.

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