Moms Worried NHL Lockout Impacts Local Youth Hockey

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EAST LANSING (WILX) -The NHL League and Players have reached a tentative agreement that will end the lockout according to the league commissioner. The deal was made Sunday morning. The lockout was only a few months long this time, but it may have been enough to impact local youth hockey.

Moms are worried about their kids overlooking the winter sport without the professional excitement in their homes. Now that it's back it seems everyone is looking forward to watching their teams again.

"My husband and I can come out of withdrawal, we really missed it," said Greater Lansing Amateur Hockey Association Treasurer Shirley Decker.

"I just love the game it's fun to watch," said youth hockey player Jared Thomas.

For these families, nothing can replace the traditions of watching their teams together.

"We miss it, we miss hanging out together and watching it on the TV," said hockey dad Mitch Holmes.

"I'm really excited my dad and I, we would always watch that," said youth hockey player JC Daigneault.

The lockout effects youth hockey almost like putting it in a penalty box says Decker.

Each year more than a hundred children try hockey as a new sport in Ingham County, but there is a possibility of a fewer kids trying out next year because they are not being stimulated by the thrill of watching the professionals.

"We are halfway through the season and it's going to take a while to get that excitement back again," said Decker.

Fewer kids trying out means a ripple effect for the sport.

"If youth hockey isn't growing that feeds into high school, and that feeds into juniors, and that feeds into college, and ultimately it feeds into the NHL," explained Decker.

If you would like to get your child involved in hockey Suburban Ice in East Lansing started their fundamental program for ages 6 and up Sunday. Parents can still sign up their child by calling the arena.

(517) 336-4272

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