High School Computer System Shut Down After Being Allegedly Hacked By Two Students

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EAST LANSING - The East Lansing Public Schools' computer system has been compromised by two of its students, and the police are investigating. Two East Lansing High School students have been suspended indefinitely, while the police and the school district investigate what happened.

A spokesperson for the district says that the intrusions into the schools computer system happened recently and repeatedly. The spokesperson could not elaborate on how the students' activity was discovered. The district is trying to figure how much damage was done. A cyber-security company is retracing what the students did and attempting to fix any problems created. The kinds of information to which the students gained access has not been made public.

The system will be shut down for a few days. Parents who use a program called PowerSchool to see their children's grades and receive school messages will eventually have to get new user names and passwords.

East Lansing police are conducting a criminal investigation. Once that is done, they will forward their report to the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office, who will decide whether to issue any charges against the students.

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