Local Gyms See Drastic Increase With New Year.

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Ron Hoffman has been a devoted member of Fitness USA in Lansing for going on 45 years and with every year that goes by, the trend stays the same.

"People come in with their resolutions. Some stick with it...some don't," said Hoffman.

At Fitness USA, they sign their most memberships in the two weeks after New Years Day. After the initial surge, however, Assistant Manager Cody Kadrich says people tend to show up less and less and eventually, only 60-65 percent continue to use their membership.

"You have your people who are really gung-ho. They come in and get their personal training taken care of," said Kadrich. "They're the ones you see that last longer than the ones that come in and try to do it all on your own."

It's a similar story at Planet Fitness in Delta Township. It had more than 80 people sign up for memberships on New Years Day alone. That is almost triple the gym's usual numbers.

"Starting this week, we'll get packed," said Brittany Fraser, a staff member at Planet Fitness. "It'll be a lot busier for the next couple of weeks and then, it'll slow down until right before Spring Break."

But when getting fit is such a popular resolution, why do so many people give it up so quickly?

"A lot of people really want instant results and when they see they've only lost two pounds and they've been working really hard, it's difficult," said Fraser.

Both gyms agree, it is important to find a way to stay motivated.

"Don't expect unrealistic results. Realize that it does take time," said Fraser.

A shared feeling for Cody Kadrich, who also doubles as a trainer.

"Don't quit, stay consistent, set yourself on a schedule," said Kadrich. "If you end up coming in at the same time of day. You do that for a couple weeks straight, your body is going to get used to it."

Planet Fitness says for the next few weeks, they will see double the usual daily enrollment, roughly 1,600 people.

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