Local GM Dealers Fighting Recall Fatigue

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Massive recalls from General Motors have its dealers fielding massive phone calls from customers.

Since the first big recall in February involving ignition switches, News 10 has been checking in with dealers to find out how things are going. They say recalls have been good for business as more people come in for service, and stop into the showroom.

But now that the government is keeping a close eye on the automaker, the recall list is growing and phones at GM dealerships are ringing off the hook with customers trying to find out if their car is on the list.

Dealers say their employees are doing the best they can to keep up with the extra load. They say another challenge, is tracking down customers to bring their vehicles back for repairs, once the parts come in.

Meantime, several class action lawsuits have been filed against GM because of the ignition switch recall. Mark Dotson, a professor at Cooley Law School said, "As we know now, not every manufacturer who makes a product that is unsafe necessarily recalls their product in a timely fashion. So we still may have defect or safety issues that we don't know about and certainly have not been subject to recall efforts."

To make sure your vehicle is up to date on recalls. Dotson says check out Safercar.gov. The website is run by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and allows visitors to make complaints, and track recalls.