Local Fire Departments Apply For State Grant

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Six local cities and townships have applied for a state grant in their effort to share services.
The municipalities are Lansing and East Lansing, and the townships of Lansing, Meridian, Delta and Delhi.
They have applied for application with the state treasury department
for monies to assist in their transition to regional services.
The grant is known as the Economic Vitality Incentive Program, which provides incentive-based grants to local governments to combine operations.
The grants are designed to offset the costs of mergers and inter-local agreements.
If the cities and townships receive the grant, the funds will go toward:
- Creating a traning center where firefighters from the different departments will receive the same training.
- Creation the Lansing Mutual Aid Box Alarm System, to move toward better response times and reduce duplication of services.
- Buy mobile data terminals and support equipment, which would reduce boundaries so that firefighters that are closest to the emergency will respond, regardless of which city or township they are in.
The local fire departments recently had a study on how to regionalize their services.
The Lansing Economic Area Partnership called for a phased-in approach.