Local Fire Crews Undergo Ice Rescue Training

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How to rescue someone trapped in a burning home isn't the only thing firefighters are trained to do.

Members of the East Lansing Fire Dept. brushed up on their ice rescue skills Thursday.

After spending the morning in the classroom learning about hypothermia and the different rescue techniques, they put those techniques to use. Training including the reach method and actually going out onto the ice to get the victim.

"In the next two months, you'll see more than you normally see because the ice is starting to deteriorate," said Lt. Cam Howie of the East Lansing Fire Dept. "The ice is changing every single day. In the last three days, we've had rain, sun and now it's 19 degrees out."

Firefighters conduct this training at least once a year, not only to practice their skills, but also to show the public how dangerous thinning ice can be.

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