Local College Campuses Fight Flu Outbreak

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The sidewalks at Lansing Community College look empty now, but come Monday, they will fill up quickly as the new semester starts.

With the recent flu outbreak, the number one priority for the college is keeping the students healthy.

"Wherever you have groups of people gathering, you know that you can be exposed to any virus, illness, contagion," said Margie Clark, Dean of Health and Human Services for LCC.

Clark says the school has been preparing for the flu season since October.

"We have offered flu clinics here at LCC, open to the students and public, a variety of them," said Clark. "We had a great turnout, several hundred immunizations were given."

At Michigan State University, classes have only been going on for a few days, but Olin Student Health Center has already started seeing more students come in.

"We have seen an influx of students come in with flu-like illnesses, but we're not at a heightened stage just yet," Dennis Martell, the Health Education Services Coordinator for MSU.

"We have 16,000 students who live in close proximity so when it gets cold, there's more of a chance to pass a virus or a bacteria."

To help fight the flu, MSU passed out more than 15,000 cold-and-flu packs containing tissues, cough drops and tips on how to avoid the flu altogether.

Still, Martell knows those packs won't protect everyone and says the health center is ready to help them.

"We expect to see students and we'll try to accommodate them as best we can," said Martell.

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