Local Businesses See Valentine's Day Boom

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Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Chocolate, flowers, cards, jewelry... do you know what you're getting your sweetheart? The most popular gift by far is a greeting card because people send them to friends and family members, not just their significant other. Two days before valentine's day, and at Fabiano's Candies-a line already out the door.

"Is all that dinging people coming in here? Yes, that's people coming in. It's a week of mass chaos. It's a fun holiday. It's my favorite," said Madeline Blair, President and Co-owner, Fabiano's Candies

Owner Madeline Blair keeps the chaos in check, stocking candies and attending to customers.

According to a survey from the National Retail Federation fewer Americans will celebrate this year- only 53 percent, down from 60 in 2013. But no slow down here at Fabiano's. They expect even more customers than last year, when they had 400 on Valentine's Day alone.

"I think it's gonna be better, partly because the holiday is on Friday, which gives people an extra day. Also, I think it's just a good excuse to celebrate something," said Blair.

And down the street at Hyacinth House no slow down either. Their customers are preparing to celebrate the day of love too.

"We've seen a little bit of activity this year on the early ordering. It seems like some of the fellas are getting it figured out," said Jim Schmidt, partner, Hyacinth House.

So how do you decide what to give? Flowers? Chocolate?

"Flowers are the only thing that says it like that... says I love you," said Schmidt.
"People buying candy are usually happy," said Blair.

Well, you can probably get both if you spend the $134 dollars the average American plans to cough up to show their love this Valentine's Day.

Which Mid-Michigan community buys the most flowers? Hyacinth House distributes all across the state, but they say East Lansing, the south side of Lansing and downtown Lansing are the hot spots for flower delivery.