Local Bakery Honors Cancer Patient with Special Pie

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A local pie shop known for naming its treats after people now has a new item on its menu--- Lacey's Peach Raspberry Pie.

Lacey Holsworth has been featured several times on WILX newscasts and has even been getting national attention after forming a friendship with MSU's basketball player Adreian Payne.

But before mid-Michigan and the country knew of that special bond, the 8-year-old from St. Johns, who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma two years ago, stole the heart of a baker from DeWitt.

"She was just a little girl that came in and she just smiled at me and just -- love filled the room and we all knew it", says Sweetielicious owner Linda Hundt.

When Hundt learned that Lacey had a rare form of cancer, she wanted to make her weekly trips to her little pie shop even more special.

"Her mom told me this was her favorite place and she came here after chemo. I was like 'oh my gosh, how'd you like to bake with me?' Her face lit up and so since then, she's been coming in to bake her pies and she just loves baking."

After the two formed a special relationship through their love for baking, it was a no-brainer for Hundt to name a pie after her mini-baker.

"Her story was so clear from the very beginning-- about loving your life, no matter what it is or what troubles you have or don't have," says Hundt. "It's all about here (pointing to her heart) and it's about who you are and how you decide to live your life. And Lacey has decided to live her life beautifully."

Lacey's Peach Raspberry pie is contender in the upcoming National Pie Championships--something Hundt is proud to share with the entire nation.

"The best part is that through her relationship with Adreian (Payne) and all of that, the whole world got to see her light and her love and will continue to see that always. So we are blessed to know her. I can't tell you how wonderful her family is and I want to share her story and her pie with everyone."

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