Lobby Efforts Pick Up With Right-to-Work 'On Agenda'

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Right-to-work is now "on the agenda" at the state Capitol, according to Governor Rick Snyder, but no decision has been made on whether legislation will be introduced before the legislative session ends.

Snyder's remarks Tuesday marked a change from his previous stance that the issue is divisive. For months, the governor has said right-to-work is not on his agenda.

Snyder says thoughtful talks will continue and no decisions have been made. He met at length Tuesday with GOP leaders, House Speaker Jase Bolger and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville. Snyder has also been talking with labor leaders.

"This isn't just a trade-off or bargaining, per se," he said. "This is about doing what's right for the citizens of Michigan."

Union members are expected to mount large-scale lobbying efforts in opposition Wednesday.

They call the right-to-work push bad for the state and a Republican power grab. In a statement AFL-CIO President Karla Swift said, "the Michigan labor movement remains committed to working with anyone who prioritizes the creation of family-sustaining jobs rather than partisan politics." Swift adds that, "ordinary citizens across the state are counting on their elected officials to hear them out on this issue."

Right-to-work supporters including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce argue that such a measure will help Michigan stay competitive, boost the economy and ensure stable job creation.

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