Lead to Missing East Lansing Statue Turns Up Empty

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A lead to a stolen East Lansing sculpture turned up empty Friday.

Police were told by a "cooperating witness" that the statue would be found on a wall in front of the Treehouse North Apartments in the 400 block of Evergreen Avenue. But when officers arrived, the sculpture was not there.

Police believe that whoever took the sculpture from Evergreen Avenue does not know it's stolen or its worth.

The 30-inch bronze sculpture disappeared from the Children's Sculpture Garden at East Lansing's Fountain Square sometime between late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The statue, titled "Laura" is an image of a little girl holding a bird. It is valued at $50,000 and was donated by Tomie Raines, Inc.

Police say whoever took the statue from Evergreen Avenue will not be charged if it returned. In fact, the East Lansing Police Department will be "happy" to send crews to come pick it up.

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