Last Victims Testify in Hallak Trial

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EATON COUNTY (WILX)-- The last four women who say a Charlotte doctor sexually assaulted them during check-ups testified Friday.

The trial of Kassem Hallak is almost half way done, after starting more than a week ago.

Dr. Hallak is pleading not guilty to allegations from a total of 11 women.

One of the last to testify says Dr. Hallak wrongfully touched her during a pap smear, leaving her feeling dirty and ashamed.

"It wasn't slow, it was more of a disgusting speed."

She said she didn't say anything at the time because she didn't want to admit what was going on.

"He's a doctor and according to society you trust you doctor no matter what."

Her feelings were shared by other alleged victims who had kept their silence until the trial.

When asked by the Prosecution, one women said she was too embarrassed to tell anyone about how Dr. Hallak had allegedly refused to let her see a female assistant. She added that he had spanked her during the same visit.

"He just told me there wasn't a medical assistant to do it. He said he was going to do it and just left the room to go get the shot and came back."

The Prosecution will finish up their testimony on Monday, and then the Defense will take over. Dr. Hallak is expected to testify later in this trial. When he does, we'll be there.

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