Last Minute Shopping Is Big in Mid-Michigan

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Parking lots were full and checkout lines were long as last minute Christmas shoppers get their final gifts, some stocking stuffers and food for the holiday.

"It was crazy out there. I am so glad I got up early and got out of there," said Deangelia Shelton, one of those folks braving the crowds on Monday.

Meijer said shoppers are more disciplined and strategic customers this year, with most customers only buying deals and the things they absolutely need.

The Michigan Retailers Association says 75 percent of retailers in the state expect increased sales this season, some by more than 5 percent. In part that's thanks to the calendar. There were more days this year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Small Business Association also reports that its members are seeing a slight uptick in sales.

Some of the folks shopping Christmas Eve said it's because of their work schedules.

"More people I think are working this year because of the economy so it's a little bit harder to get out and get your shopping done," said Rob Haney of Holt. "So it doesn't surprise me that it's a little busy."

"There's just so much to do that you have to do a little everyday. So that's why I am here because I have to do a little bit at a time," Danielle Torres of Lansing.

Meijer officials said soaps, colognes and candles are big with last minute shoppers.

Amazingly some folks went shopping Monday not because they need anything, but just to enjoy the atmosphere.

"Everybody's in a good mood, you know. I haven't run across too many grumpy people or anything like that," said Bill Richardson from Lansing. "It's just fun."

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