Lansing's Mayor Proposes BWL Board Changes

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Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero wants to add three non-voting members to the Board of Water and Light's board of commissioners. The Mayor's plan would give customers in East Lansing and Delta Township permanent representation. The third seat would rotate between Meridian Township, DeWitt, Lansing Township and Delhi Township. "They're going to have a real voice, they're going to be at the table, and they're going to have representation. They're going to have a voice, access to all the same information that any other commissioner would have and it's at least a good first step," Mayor Bernero told Friday. His proposal would also give the Mayor's office more emergency power including the authority to cancel vacations and extend overtime during a crisis. This all requires a change to Lansing's city charter. The Mayor plans to present the idea to the city council in the next two weeks.

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